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AAEON UP2 running Windows 10 or Windows IoT Core + SPI issues

Hello. We are trying to control SPI peripherals from an AAEON UP2 board (UPS-APLP4-A20-08128) running Windows 10 or Windows IoT. I am developing on a Windows 10 laptop, building the ms-iot Accelerometer example code as UWP, and then deploying it remotely to the UP2. I bought an ADXL345 Adafruit board and have it hooked up to the UP2 HAT connector (pins 19[MOSI], 21[MISO], 23[SCL], 24[CS]). I have also tried the I2C interface. The example builds and I am able to deploy/run it, but the interfaces never talk, SPI does not get initialized, I2C init throws an exception. Is this a BIOS pin configuration issue? Does it matter if the pins are configured as ACPI or PCI mode? Should ACPI auto configuration be enabled or disabled? What (else) am I missing?