how to clear password in bios

cscho New Member Posts: 1

I just received UP2 8G device, and installed linux.
When booting, UP2 asked bios password.
I know that default password is just "blank" + enter key.
But, I would like to clear this password asking procedure. I want to boot without password.
How to solve this problem?



  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    the system does not require a password to boot.

    If you are prompted to the BIOS password it means the system is not correctly installed (boot partition cannot be found).

    I would suggest to reinstall the operating system following our wiki:

    Make sure when partitioning to let the installer do it automatically (e.g. Erase disk and install Ubuntu) so it will create the right partitions, including the UEFI boot partition.

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