Upsquared Windows IOT Uwp Application GPIO

cameronh New Member Posts: 3


I have recently installed the UPFramework SDK on my UPSquared board running V5.0 Bios and Windows 10 IOT Core. I have also set the bios OS Selection to Windows 10 IOT Core.

Firstly, I downloaded the UpDemoApp supplied in the Up Framework SDK folder, however I am unable to get UPBridge upb.BoardGetManufacture() to return any information about the board.

Secondly, I created my own basic LED UWP c# application which turned an LED on/off from High/Low on a GPIO pin. However, the application failed when it called this line LedPin.SetDriveMode(GpioPinDriveMode.Output), it said it was unable to communication.

I have checked in Windows/System32 using command line pnputil enum-drivers and have noticed that the UPFramework.inf driver is installed on the board.

Has anyone got any recommendations?