Upgrade Bios UP-APL01 R2.1 straight to R5 ?

Klez New Member Posts: 3


I know it´s stated in the wiki that older BIOS versions must be upgraded first to R4.0 and then to R5 or newer. So this implies an update in two steps. The entire process takes about 17 minutes per device.

However, at the company I work we have a very large fleet of UP-Squared boards with , so I´d like to ask if there are any drawbacks or problems to upgrade straight to version R5, to minimize the production lines downtime.

Our case may be slightly different, because we have received a preconfigured custom BIOS (V04P8M10 based on UPA1AM51) for our company.

I tested a straight upgrade from version R2.1 to our custom R5 in one spare unit and it seemed to work well and the UP-Squared booted the OS without any apparent problem. The configuration also looks like to be correct. The USB stick is detected as "fs1:" so I didn´t need to edit the GO.nsh script.

I´d like a confirmation from the tech support if this update process can be simplified in a straight single step, or if it is mandatory to update first to R4.0 and then to our custom UPA1AM51.


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