Updating BIOS 3.0.0 to 5

felipeary91felipeary91 New Member Posts: 1


I would like to get AC9260 wireless card working on Up squared board.
However I read on this post: https://forum.up-community.org/discussion/3317/solved-intel-ac-9260ngw-wireless-not-recognized that I need to update the BIOS to version 5.
In order to update BIOS to version 5 I need BIOS version 4. And in order to get BIOS version 4 I need BIOS version 1.8. Since I have BIOS 3.0.0 how can I solve this issue? Is it possible to do a BIOS downgrade? How?

Don't want to damage the board.
I've been trying to get the card working for a couple of days now, and really need some




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