UP LoRa Node

aal7 New Member Posts: 1

Hi. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong group. Could an admin move it if necessary?

I'm writing to ask about the UP LoRa Node. It's not clear to me exactly what it does or how it works. What I'm looking for is a device which is programmed and ready to transmit LoRa signals to the local gateway. I can't tell whether the UP LoRa node does this. Is it a ready-to-go product or a development platform for which I need to write low level firmware? There is mention of ready-to-go firmware but I can't find any description of what that firmware does. The user manual goes into great detail on how to set the keys but says nothing about how to make a transmission (step 5 is "connect to gateway" and there is no step 6!). It also talks about Grove Cables and USB to RS232 converters - are these included in the kit or do they need to be purchased separately? Are they necessary for learners or will it work out of the box?

Could someone give me a basic summary of this device please?

Many thanks and best wishes.