Several questions about UP Core Plus

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As a possible UP Core Plus hobbyist user I would like to clarify some data about this board, as I could not find this information anywhere on UP websites.
Q1: Discussions mention that a certain "eDP display kit" is necessary for connection of display to the CN13 (DSI/eDP, 41pin) connector. As I could not find this kit in UP shop and as the official touch screen is too big, I would like to ask if there is any way to connect generic eDP (not necessarily eDP, any generic screen would do), to the to the board using CN13?
(I am also aware of Ipad screen HACK, but not only that I do not have bricked Ipad, but the screen is 9.7 inch, that is too big as well)
Q2: Is there any (preferably working :) ) way to connect touch screen?
Q3: Is there any conversion cable for 100pin GPIO port, so I could connect anything else than carrier board?
Q4: Is it possible to connect HDD/SSD without carrier board (Net plus)?
Q5: I would like to ask about experiences with passive cooling of the board. Is a massive cooler really needed or could a flat metal sheet be enough (about 8 inch in diagonal)?

Thanks for any answers.

PS: To clarify my intent of use, I plan to build mini laptop similar to THIS, but similar in size to Psion Series 5.


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    1. I'm afraid there is no generic connector for eDP. If you are using it for project base, you may contact We have eDP adapter for project. The hassles is that there will be VBIOS fine tunning for different displays, therefore NRE cost USD1500 is involved.
    2. USB touch screen probably the easiest one.
    3. Most of pins from 100-pin are high-speed pin, it needs to use board to board connector, cable won't work.
    4. There is no additional storage expansion possibility on UP Core Plus itself.
    5. Passive cooling will be enough based on our experience. You can see the heatsink is actually big.

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