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I want to convert the M-DSI to the TI SN65DSI83-Q1 to convert to LVDS. I presume I use the MDSI_A_DATAx_D(P/N) and the MDSI_A_CLK_D(P/N). But these only have DATA0/1 Differential Channels and a Differential CLK Channel. Is this correct? I also presume that the IRQ from the LVDS IC is not used. I presume I use the DDIO_VDD_EN to Enable LVDS IC but there is no information on the states of the Enables for the VDD or the Backlight outputs from the DSI Connector. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Frankly speaking, we didn't find any MIPI DSI display in the market today to support Intel's MIPI DSI definition. That's why we change to DSI+eDP. It's a very pity situation. :-(

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