How to make GPIO Input and pulled up ?

Johann New Member Posts: 5

I would like to configure a GPIO pin on UP2 as the INT pin for my device, which is low active.
I looked both BIOS settings and the UpDemoApp:

The pulled up option is only available for OUTPUT GPIO.
Does anyone have similar experience on GPIO configuration? Is there anyway I can configure an GPIO to be INPUT, pulled up ?
I hope it is not a limitation of UP2 board. If unfortunately so, are there any other UPboards that can support this ?

I'd appreciate for any suggestions, since I've stuck here for a long time !
Thanks !!



  • Johann
    Johann New Member Posts: 5

    From the UpWiki Pinout page of UpBoard:
    There is a Known Limitations and Issues section :

    The SoC GPIO pins include configurable internal pull-up resistors, but these are not really effective when the level translators are configured in input mode. If pull-up or pull-down resistors are needed for stabilizing floating input signals on a header pin, the user would need to include these in the external circuit connected to the UP board.

    Although this seems only applied to (UP Board Rev. A0.2), I am not sure if UP2 or UP Xtreme has the same limitation too?