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Main PMIC minimum input voltage of 5.6V?

gvy New Member Posts: 9

Hi, looking at the test reports on the UP Squared Wiki it seems the main PMIC is a TPS65094.
I noticed in the datasheet that the supported input range for BUCK 1 and BUCK 2 is actually 5.6V minimum (datasheet $5.3 and $5.7) but then looking further it seems in $6.1 they actually talk about 4.5V as a minimum input voltage....
I am asking because at first I thought I had found a HW bug (using a 5V 6A adapter while the main PMIC needs 5.6V minimum, assuming you dont use a boost pre-regulator) but now I am trying to figure out (while it makes perfect sence to do it like this if you can) if there are any impliccations powering the board only from a 5V supply ?


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