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UP Squared PSU input 'hot-plugable'?

gvy New Member Posts: 9

Hi, how 'hot plugable' is the DC input circuit of the UP Squared? What I mean is that since it has not power button there are 2 power up/reboot scenarios possible:

Scenario 1: plugging the DC jack into the UP Squared then putting the wall adapter into the power outlet, this way you get a controlled DC rampup from the power adapter (non hot plug)

Scenario 2: plugging the wall adapter into the power outlet and then into the DC jack or, if a reboot is required, pulling out and reincerting the DC jack with the wall adapter still in the outlet. This way you 'hot plug' a live 5V rail into the DC jack that could lead to induced voltage spikes and extra stress on the input circuit.

I am asking because the UP Squared does not have a power switch so I assume a lot of customers (at least I do) reboot or start there UP under scenario 2.


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin

    @gvy actually there is a tiny power button ( white color) It is designed for users who would like to use AT power mode and you can switch to AT power mode in BIOS. In AT power mode, you have to press the power button to boot up.
    All UP boards are set as ATX power mode by default. It means the board boot up once the power is connected. So scenario 2 won't be an issue to UP family. If you are using Microsoft Windows, of course, we advise to turn off Windows completely before you remove the power.

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