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Private on-premises cloud and home gateway: all on UP Squared

mark_81 New Member Posts: 2

hi folks,
I finally found time to share an easy project I have developed in the past weeks and finally concluded.
I wanted to have a local and private cloud-like solution to store documents and other personal files I do not want to place on a 3rd party cloud; moreover I also needed to centralize IoT devices I have spreaded across my house, self-made (based on NodeMCU or Arduino) or off the shelf like smart thermostats.
Here below the main picture I will describe all the parts of the project I had to take care, including the list of parts used and tips&tricks to setup the environment.

For sure one of the first concerns was about the data mirroring: to solve the problem I have bought a Minicard to SATA adapter ( and a couple of SATA power & data cables.
Power for the two 2.5" hard disks has been taken from 40pin connector, which is more reliable for the current drained by the two mechanical disks.
Once closed the interfacing step, I could setup the software RAID-1 under the operating system, using mdadm command.

I wanted to merge one of my other passions: recycling. I had a broken Canon Selphy printer and its case turned out to be the perfect fitting solution, well, with some carpentry modification.
It is not super fancy but good looking, compact, fine for the dissipation and connections accessibility.


  • Operating System: Besides the usage of latest bios version, I installed Lubuntu, which is much more lightweight than its bigger brother.
  • RAID configuration: I did follow the guide linked below with a modification. RAID was created on partitions instead of volumes, to avoid to have RAID inactive at every reboot.

  • Software management: I am using Docker and Portainer for easier handling and http interface

  • Wiki: I selected WiKi.Js with a Postegres database, both running as containers
  • Picture Management: I am using Photoprism, on docker
  • Provate Cloud storage environment: I am using OwnCloud as container
  • Remote access: SSH and TightVNC as backup
  • Domotics Software: Home Assistant under implementation. It should be straight away installation, but I want to enable HAssio Addon repo.

UP Squared with N3350 and 4GB of RAM carrying out its job perfectly.
Power consumption as headless NAS is around 4.8W on average.

A missing feature is the Wake on Lan, for which I hope a feedback will be given on its enablement.
That's all.




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