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Product Change Notification (PCN) - UP Xtreme i7-8565U CPU stepping

michellet Administrator, AAEON Posts: 4 admin

Please be informed that we have PCN on UP Xtreme i7-8565U CPU stepping. This is running change, and some of the existing orders are implementing.

PCN Note Date: 08/04/2020
Date Effective: Active by running change from April, 2020
Reason for change: Intel® 8th Core™ i7-8565U stepping change from W0 to V0.
Product(s) Affected:
UP Xtreme
Ordering Part number
Old part number New part numberm
UPX-WHLI7C-A20-16064 UPX-WHLI7C1-A20-16064
UPX-EDGEI7C-A10-1664-F01 UPX-EDGEI7C1-A10-1664-F01
Change Details: Intel® 8th Core™ i7-8565U CPU stepping change. W0 stepping (FJ8068404064405 SREJP) will be discontinued, and moves to V0 stepping (CL8068404064409 SRFFW).
Old P/N
New P/N
CPU AAEON # 14408565U0 FJ8068404064405 SREJP AAEON # 144X000015 CL8068404064409 SRFFW
■ Benefits □Impacts: change CPU substitute parts to prolong the product life.
Intel® 8th Core™ i7-8565U (FJ8068404064405 SREJP) Intel® 8th Core™ i7-8565U (CL8068404064409 SRFFW)
Issue Date: Apr 08, 2020
Issue by: Wendy Lee