How to permanently change the board's password in Windows 10 IoT Core?

jletbetterjletbetter New Member Posts: 5

Hello. I can change the administrator password from Powershell or Windows Device Portal but it reverts back to the default when I reboot. Does anyone know how to make this permanent?


  • srw2hosrw2ho New Member Posts: 6

    Hello jletbetter,
    I recently installed Win 10 ioT Core for an UP2 board.

    With me it shows the same behaviour. I was able to set the password via PowerShell, but it remains set only until the next reboot.

    After a reboot the default password is active again.

    Friendly greetings

    Willi Schneider

  • jletbetterjletbetter New Member Posts: 5

    Hello Willi, I'm glad I'm not in this alone :)

    Please keep me posted if you find a solution and I will do the same!

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