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UP Core Bluetooth (BT) require Off-Board Antenna?

uscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

Q1: Is there a Connector for an BT Antenna on the UP Core? Q2: Is an off-the-board Antenna necessary? Or does BT use one of those "Fractal" Antennas like on a RaspPi-Zero-Wireless?


  • uscdadnyc
    uscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Answered by uscdadnyc: Powered-up my UPcore (64GB eMMC) w/ High Speed Carrier Board attached and running Latest UPCore drivers and WIN10Pro 64 bit. But not placed into UPCore Enclosure(yet). Was able to connect to a BT (Bluetooth) Device [a Speaker]. So in answering the Q's I posed on 07APR2020: A1=No. A2=maybe, but who cares? My BT works. It's academic on how this BT works. But it would be GTK (Good to Know).