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Hello,Where can I find complete datasheet of AI Core X product ?? I need more information on Movidius X VPU used in AI Core X. Like the hardware accelerators used,the APIs used for communication etc.


  • Aling
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    @Mohit_S Indeed our datasheet is very hardware-oriented. In the download section of product page, you will see how to install the toolkit like OpenVINO. To see all OpenVINO's samples, and documentation, you can check here.

  • Mohit_S
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    Yes the problem is it's very much hardware related and no proper documentation on interfaces and other details.
    Okay let me put it like this.
    1 - AI-Core-X can support MIPI interface, What does it mean ?? Can I connect camera directly to VPU ? or should it go via a CPU like UP Board.
    2 - If I can connect camera directly to AI-Core-X, can I get those images into CPU ?
    3 - Can any other CPUs be used to interface with AI-Core-X ?? like RaspberryPi ?
    4 - Can I get a datasheet for Myraid X chipset ?
    5 - After some research I got to know there's some MVNC API used, is it configurable ?
    6 - There are some accelerators like median filter, Resizer, Denoiser etc. can I know more about them ? again is it configurable ?

    Sorry if I have asked some wrong questions, I am new to VPUs and have very less knowledge and couldn't find any good resource to learn more about it.

  • Aling
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    1. AI Core X doesn't support MIPI interface. Though Myriad X chip itself supports MIPI interface, but we didn't bring it out on AI Core X. Because Intel doesn't put it as general support feature.
    2. You can not connect camera directly to AI Core X. AI Core X is a video acceleration module only, you need to have a host computer to process and camera should be connected to the host computer.
    3. Intel support Rapberry Pi as host computer for NCS2. For AI Core X, we don't have an interface to connect with Raspberry Pi. ( NCS2 and AI Core X are both using Myriad X, just in the different interface)
    4. The detailed Myriad X datasheet is a confidential document for Intel. You will need to be Intel ISA partner to get it. You can see for information about Myriad X.
    5.Not sure what you refer as MVNC. AI Core X use OpenVINO as toolkit. Intel OpenVINO toolkit can be also installed on a standard laptop( 7th gen Core, Atom apollo Lake), you may download and play with it.
    6. sorry we are not familiar with Resizer, Denoiser.

    I hope this information can do some help.

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    Thank you for clearing plenty of doubts @Aling
    Okay, I shall contact Intel for the MyraidX datasheet.

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