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simonongsimonong New Member Posts: 1

This is the first time i heard of UP! But i am hunting for about 2 months for a dev kit that has
1) min 4 analog input 0 to 10v
2) min 4 analog output 0 to 10v
3) min 4 digital input
4) min 4 digital output 5vdc and above
5) touch screen support

Does Up board has the above spec or with add on just like Pc104 or arduino shield or Ras pi shiled?




  • uscdadnycuscdadnyc New Member Posts: 12

    Although I was a BSEE 73' then an IT person, then a Patent Atty. I have dabbled w/ both Rasp-Pi-3 and Up-Board. AAR the Up Board has the GPIO Pins that Rasp-Pi has. Albeit you will be using a (version of) Linux and/or WIN10. Rather than the Rasp-Pi Operating System. The HATs (add-on boards) are electrically compatible w/ both Rasp-Pi and the Up Board. I have WIN10 on my Up Board. That being Said,
    I have never used my Up's or Rasp-Pi's to do Anything H/W-wise. I just assembled them for "Chuckles", as general-purpose PC's . My Rasp-Pi was put in a SmartPi (brand) Enclosure that also held a Touch Screen Display. This addresses your 5). You will have to do a little Soldering here. IDK whether this Touch-Screen will work w/ the Up Board? I still have my Invoices. So I can tell you what I bought and from where. Although I believe MCM Electronics (here in USA) was merged into Newark Electronics-element14 (also USA)

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