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simonong New Member Posts: 1

This is the first time i heard of UP! But i am hunting for about 2 months for a dev kit that has
1) min 4 analog input 0 to 10v
2) min 4 analog output 0 to 10v
3) min 4 digital input
4) min 4 digital output 5vdc and above
5) touch screen support

Does Up board has the above spec or with add on just like Pc104 or arduino shield or Ras pi shiled?




  • uscdadnyc
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    Although I was a BSEE 73' then an IT person, then a Patent Atty. I have dabbled w/ both Rasp-Pi-3 and Up-Board. AAR the Up Board has the GPIO Pins that Rasp-Pi has. Albeit you will be using a (version of) Linux and/or WIN10. Rather than the Rasp-Pi Operating System. The HATs (add-on boards) are electrically compatible w/ both Rasp-Pi and the Up Board. I have WIN10 on my Up Board. That being Said,
    I have never used my Up's or Rasp-Pi's to do Anything H/W-wise. I just assembled them for "Chuckles", as general-purpose PC's . My Rasp-Pi was put in a SmartPi (brand) Enclosure that also held a Touch Screen Display. This addresses your 5). You will have to do a little Soldering here. IDK whether this Touch-Screen will work w/ the Up Board? I still have my Invoices. So I can tell you what I bought and from where. Although I believe MCM Electronics (here in USA) was merged into Newark Electronics-element14 (also USA)

  • rreignier
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    For the Input/Output at 5V and analog In and Out up to 10 V, you would need for sure an add-on board. Up boards operates GPIO at 3.3 V or even 1.8 V.
    But about the touch screen, the Up offering is very poor (nonexistent?) so if the ARM architecture is OK for you, you would have better chances looking to Olimex OlinuXino series. They have industrial grade boards with good Linux support and several touchscreens in different sizes.