The problem of UP squared BIOS booting on Vxworks7 BOOTX64.EFI(by using BOOT_MULTIBOOT option)

devilhands New Member Posts: 1
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I have faced to booting problem on Vxworks7.
When I used orginal Up2 BIOS on your Board, it was worked well.
but when I used and compiled Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series Release, it has the problem of booting.

Is Source code different? I'm using Download Object Modules 0.71.
Could I get BIOS source code to work well or be optimized?
Because even if UPBOARDA.X64.0071.R01.1809030927.bin (UEFI x64 firmware, release mode) is used, it's not working. It seems that it is also different to orginal BIOS.
Please help me. Thank you.


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