[SOLVED/ANSWERED]Up Squared board using Windows 10 and OpenVINO

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I am entering this world of up boards recently and I'm really interested in one of these boards:

However I would like to clarify some questions before purchasing any of your products.
1 - The UP Squared with the celeron Duo is compatible with OpenVINO? I can run OpenVINO through that CPU?
2 - The UP Squared with the ATOMx7 comes with a ubuntu image. This image comes with all dependencies and requirements to run OpenVINO, Intel Movidius stick, etc?
3 - Can I buy a UP squared pack (active cooler, power supply)? I have seen in the catalog a Up pack but comes with only the Up board and not the squared version.
4 - Can I put a Windows 10 or Windows 10 IoT Core instead of Ubuntu in this Up Squared board?


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