UP2 board with Windows 10 ioT as replacement for Raspberry Pi 3 B

srw2ho New Member Posts: 6

I intend to replace my Raspberry Pi 3B UWP-applications running on Win10 iot Core with your UP2 board.

Before I do this, I want to know if this will be possible without any problems.

I use the GPIO/I2C interface of the Raspberry Pi with C++ and C#. As interface to the hardware I use the following namespace Windows.Devices.Gpio, Windows.Devices.I2c, Windows.Devices.Pwm in my UWP apps

Does the board run stable under win10 iot in conjunction with the GPIO interface?

Can I use the GPIO interface of the board in the same way as if it were a Raspberry Pi or do I need to adapt my existing code?

What about the graphics support of the board under Win10 ioT Core?
Is the grafic features fully supported under win 10 iot.

Best regards

WIlli Schneider


  • garyw
    garyw New Member, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 82 admin

    Dear Wllli,
    Graphics support and feature in IoT Core is nothing different to the rest of windows and we used the same driver in IoT Core and Windows 10.
    Currently GPIO/PWM is not support windows API yet, so you need adapt your existing code a lot.
    We've planned to support windows API in Up framework in the future.

  • tjoAG
    tjoAG New Member Posts: 3


    Im currently looking into a new platform for our next generation controller.

    I can read fromt his post that GPIO/PWM isnt supported when using the UP board with Windows 10 IoT!.

    Is there any information what is supported and what isn't supported on the UP board with Windows 10 IOT?


  • srw2ho
    srw2ho New Member Posts: 6

    That doesn't sound so bad.
    PWM can also be implemented using I2C and an external device.

    I have several applications running on Win10 iot.

    One of them streams an rtsp-stream from an IP camera to the screen of a Raspi. The application uses ffmpeg under Win10 iot for streaming and decoding/encoding the hevc/h264 stream.

    Since Win1o iot with a Raspi 3B only allows software rendering, hardware graphics support would be more than helpful.

    I have one more question.
    The application can be run as a UWP implementation on Windows 10 (64 bit) as well as on Windows 10 iot.

    Under Windows 10 (64bit), which board equipment I would have to choose at least, so that the application can run well.

    Which board equipment would be necessary under Windows 10 iot? Can you recommend me a 7 inch screen, which runs with the UP2 board under Win10 iot.

    Best regards

    Willi Schneider

  • garyw
    garyw New Member, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 82 admin

    Currently we can support GPIO/I2C/PWM through Up framework in windows 10 and windows IoT core.

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