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I've looked in my syslog today and noticed that I get an error every second from the

Feb 13 19:29:24 Velvet[19792]: /usr/bin/ Zeile 41: echo: Schreibfehler: Kein passendes Gerät gefunden.
Feb 13 19:29:24 Velvet kernel: [33701492.540613] configfs-gadget failed to start g1: -19

the first one means 'write error, no device found'

I don't really understand what the watcher is doing.
Something with USB and the GPIO?
It's probably from this package:

Can someone help me to fix this and explain me what the watcher is doing or if I even need the watcher?
I'm using ubilinux 4.



  • DCleri
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    Hi @Tone

    It is to manage the use of a serial terminal/interface over the microUSB port.

    Unfortunately ubilinux4.0 is not supported anymore from the company providing the OS, so I would suggest to switch to a similar supported distribution (Ubuntu)

  • Tone
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    Thank you!

    Ok, I don‘t need that, so I‘ve stopped the service.

    Yes I‘m planning to switch to Ubuntu, but I will wait till 20.04. Will you release your custom kernel for this version?

  • DCleri
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    Yes we will and we are glad that for this release Canonical have chosen the LTS Kernel 5.4

    We plan to release it in Q3.