AI Core X disable and reset pins usage and documentation

arthurtasca New Member Posts: 3

I am designing hardware for critical application in computer vision, and I would like to introduce the AI Core X in my system to enable it to use deep learning techniques. In order to design it, I would like to have a detailed explanation about the functioning of all the pins of that Board, which is not specified in the manual (found in this link).

In particular, I wonder if:

  • the DISABLE and RESET pins work in synchronous or asynchronous mode? In the sencond case, is there a minimum time during which they should be active for taking effect?
  • Is there any difference in terms of configuration/driver between using USB2 and PCIe configuration?

I am making such questions because I have not found anything in the documentation at the afortmentioned webpage that would specify them. In case it is available somewhere else, please let me know.