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Dear all,

We are thinking of using the UP Squared in upcoming products. So we are still investigating in the best suitable platform for us. We are mainly a software house and our strength in our software.
So we need a stable hardware platform with support right out of the box. Specially by SDK's and API's and support.
We need additional peripherals not given by the UP, so we will make a baseboard with extended interfaces. Like SPI AD Convertes, Power meter chip and input and output.

We are primarily using C# as language of choice. But C++ when needed by real-time demands or where it may make sense. And OS will probally be Windows IoT Core.

So my questions:

SDK support:
Is all peripherals (I2C, SPI, ADC etc) supported by the SDK/API for all OS's (Linux, Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT Core etc) and for .NET Core 3 and c++?
If not, are there any matrix or list where that info is available? If not it may be a good idea for the webpage.

Custom boot splashscreen:
Is there support for silent or custom splash screen? So when our customer power of there device they dont see any BIOS Splash screen or Windows screen, but boot directly into there application.

Thomas Johansen

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