cache disk feature : issue with e-MMC disk

Journaux New Member Posts: 3

I'm working on the development of reader-scanner for checks, with UP-board under Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC.
I have an issue with disk writing (the UP-board embeds a Hynix HBG4a2 e-MMC disk) : There seems to be a disk cache : When there is a power cut or an immediate power off, the data isn’t written (even if the write instruction took place several seconds before). The file is created at the right size but the content is empty.

I tried to disable the cache in Windows ("Enable write caching on the device" option unchecked), but it is not effective.
I think that there is a cache at the hardware level, but I don’t find anything about it.

Can someone confirm this and give me a method to disable this cache?

Thanks a lot.


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