No HDMI signal

Juraj New Member Posts: 2

I have a problem with my up-board UP-CHT01-A22-0432-A11 (4GB RAM, 32GB EMMC, Atom x5-z8350).
I install windows 10 IoT core, it was installed successfully, after I shut it down and disconnect from electrical site.When I connected it to the electrical site next day the blue LED was lighting and keyboard and mouse were power up but the display connected with HDMI was showing "No signal from HDMI".
I tried to connect another displays with more cables and it was same, only "No signal from HDMI". And when I connected this display to the computer it was working.
I tried to unplug RTC battery for reset BIOS but it never change.


  • Sanju_FC
    Sanju_FC New Member Posts: 1

    Try to Check Your HDMI Drivers or Port First.

  • Juraj
    Juraj New Member Posts: 2

    I don’t how to check HDMI drivers because I don’t have any HDMI signal.

  • uscdadnyc
    uscdadnyc New Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    TS=17APR2020 (TS=Time Stamp). I have the "same" Set-up as you do WRT the UPBoard. However, I have WIN10Pro up and running. Kind of Tight b/c of the small 32GB eMMC. Had No problems w/HDMI (except for the HDMI audio. TO BE DISCUSSED LATER). AAR
    (At Any Rate) Q1: Does the UP splash screen come On-screen-on-HDMI-Display? B/C I think this would be "sort" of a POST (Power On Self Test). If you cannot get this POST, there might be a H/W problem w/ the UpBoard. WRT my perceived HDMI Audio Problem. I did not get Audio over my HDMI Cable. Thought it might be a Throw-back to UPBoard's attempt to emulate RaspPi (w/ a more powerful Processor). Where Audio on RaspPi were gotten thru HATs. AAR1 (At Any Rate) I used a BT (BlueTooth) Speaker Solution. It was only a week ago I got/loaded WIN10Pro on my UPBoard-Core (64eMMC). Loading Drivers from Up-Site, gave me Audio via HDMI. Will go back to my UPBoard and load Drivers from UP-site. Something I Did Not Do Initially.

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    freeminecraftaccount New Member Posts: 1

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  • giveme90
    giveme90 New Member Posts: 1

    I am having the same issue. Windows 10 IoT core running properly (software is still running on startup to check machinery updates and forwards to server). However, there is no HDMI signal for debugging/troubleshooting. Removing the RTC battery does nothing. I have ssh and other protocols disabled, so my board is functionally bricked as is.

  • DevKS
    DevKS New Member Posts: 1

    I have same issue, I also don't know how to check HDMI drivers,

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