TCP connection issues with quectel ec25v

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Hi, has anyone else had issues with tcp connections consistently dropping with the Quectel ec25v I have had the problem using it in the official mini-PCI-express 3G/4G as well as a USB mini-PCI-express cell adapter. The connection is maintained pretty well I can browse the internet but the SSH connections frequently drop. The connection is unusable with specialty software my company runs that transfers a lot of data over tcp. If any one has had a similar problem or has any solutions please let me know thanks.


  • DCleri
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    Have you tried the same software and data transfers over another 3/4G module (different chip) with the same SIM and antennas as the one used with the Quectel?

    Is the EC25-G?

  • bman
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    This is the EC25-v the North American Verizon model. We have used a UML-290 which was able to handle this type of communications with the same sim and antennas.

    Also, When doing a Wireshark capture of the packets I can the 3-way handshake form over the TCP TLS 1.2 connection, however shortly after we see errors "tcp previous segment not captured" and then out of order packets are listed where sequence numbers and acks are not in order. Eventually it just times out dude to duplicate messages being sent with no response.

  • DCleri
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    unfortunately we haven't tested that and I am not sure what are the differences.

    We have only tested the global module which is EC25-G, which can be used worldwide.

    It seems to me a problem specific of the module you are using so the only way would be to contact the Quectel support.