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UP Squared re-spin?

Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin

Hi guys,

It has been a while since UP Squared was introduced. Thanks to your support, we are doing all fine. In fact, UP Squared was selected by Intel as IoT and AI development platform. We got more and more requests to make it more industrialized.

We are thinking to bring a new UP Squared to you by adding on something we missed and removing something you didn't need.

What makes you pleased with UP Squared? What would make UP Squared a dream board?
Any ideas? Share with us. Tell us what I/O or features are required and why?

It is still based on Intel Apollo Lake. Check the block diagram and let us know what could be a killing feature.


  • Robert Shelton
    Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110

    Need: USB-C as power source instead of barrel plug - connector should operate both as a power input and as a USB-C data and power supply connection so Up2 can be used with a USB-C hub.
    Need: Power-over-Ethernet as power source.
    Need: Increase spacing of WiFi antenna connectors on the cases so that most antenna products fit - currently only one brand/model fits.
    Desirable: increase max amount of RAM
    Desirable: UPS power backup board that works with both Linux and Windows 10 - consider creating this as a daughter board that Up supplies, as the 3d party solution never fully worked and doesn't appear to be supported.
    Desirable: built-in power source failover - for example auto-switching from PoE to USB-C, which keeps the machine running if the PoE switch gets rebooted or the USB gets unplugged.
    Not Needed: USB-3.0 thin (OTG?) connector - we would be better served by 1 or 2 USB-C rather than this older connector standard.
    Dream: Update CPU to newer generation, faster speed

  • Tahina
    Tahina New Member Posts: 1

    new features needed :
    radio communication for long distance ,lora ...ect...telemetry...module with interference avoidance
    IMU module on board
    custom power to allow battery to run board autonomously ...and even solar power ability with a converter power
    possibility of having screen display on FPV with custom data display on screen
    40 pin gpio compatible with raspberry pi ,option to have 3.3v , 5v output in code
    possible way of setting board on low power less than 6w and being able to wake up
    adding seperate FPGA possible to be programmable and be used at same time as 40 pin compatible raspberry pi
    few more compatible addon board
    a dedicated graphic card
    bigger hardrive capacity , such as NVM extension ( having multiple more extension ,more than 2 would be ideal (1 tera /2 tera)
    blue tooth 5.0 and latest wifi
    compatible fully with latest ubuntu
    sample code in C++ to be able to use those custom

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller New Member Posts: 95

    Some things that would be nice are:
    an onboard SIM socket.
    M.2 M-Key nVME SSD slot.
    CANBus ports.

  • Kenneth Coley
    Kenneth Coley New Member Posts: 37

    I would not respin with Apollo Lake. I would upgrade to Gemini Lake or wait for Jasper Lake or Elkheart Lake.

  • Gianluigi Belli
    Gianluigi Belli New Member Posts: 2

    It would be great to have M.2 nvme on PCIe for fast storage

  • Stefan Fintea
    Stefan Fintea New Member Posts: 5

    Definitely m2 with nvme support, latest bt/wifi and, of course, a better cpu if possible.

  • Goetz Salzmann
    Goetz Salzmann New Member Posts: 30

    To stick with the format set by Robert:

    Need: Intel NICs, if possible i225 (min. two)
    Need: USB-C for PD and Video-Out, is possible with OTG
    Need: keep the serial console port
    Desirable: Stick with Apollo Lake, offer embedded CPU option
    Desirable: PoE option
    Desirable: SIM, but at the edge, not in the middle of the board like with the UP-edge
    Desirable: Broadcom HardMAC wifi/bt (like the brcmfmac43455 on the UP-edge, maybe a PCIe version)
    Desirable: Smaler

    Would boil down to:

    • dual or quad core APL
    • 2 ... 8 GB of LPDDR4
    • eMMC for Storage
    • 1st. NIC: i255 on 1 PCIe
    • 2nd. NIC: i225 on 1 PCIe
    • Wifi/BT on 1 PCIe
    • M.2 for NVMe on 1PCIe (/w two lanes)
    • miniPCIe for LTE /w SIM
    • 40pin GPIO
    • USB-C for PD /w HDMI out and OTG
    • 2nd. HDMI out
  • Per Mejdal Rasmussen
    Per Mejdal Rasmussen New Member Posts: 19

    The problem with these board are that people are using them for completely different things. A feature that is good for one person, might be bloat for another.

    Here is my request:

    • NICs must be supported natively in VMware ESXi. The current realtek needs a hack. Use Intel instead. Yes, is am using my UP squared as a ultra low power server. It runs a Linux router and a Cisco vWLC, plus 9 other small servers.
    • The onboard storage is useless in some OS'es like ESXi. Offer a 0 GB version or make it a module.
    • RAM on modules.
    • All ports must be one the same side. This makes it easier to integrate into something else. Exception can be 1 or 2 USB ports. The UP squared is ready fairly good in this regard. It would be nice if to DC port was removable, incase one would like the PSU inside the case.
    • A real PCIe 4x slot on one side. At a proper distance to make cards connected to it flush this the back of the UP squarded.
    • Do not use Micro HDMI, ever. The current DIsplayport supports a 3 port hub. So there is no need to add more HDMI ports, as other request.
    • Do not integrate Wi-Fi onboard. The great thing with the current version, is the you don't need to waste power and money on something you don't need.
    • An optional buffer board to protect to I/O pins. The problem is that the UP squared is so expensive, that it cannot to used to play with electronic, because of the fear of destroying it.
  • RCK
    RCK New Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2020

    The UpSquared is one of the few embedded boards with a decent CPU and USB OTG, which is why I purchase both for projects. Please continue to ship with USB OTG, but fix the speed issues! See:

    Other nice-to-haves:

    • On-board power switch - Currently have to power cable to shut off
    • Larger RAM options
    • Additional GPIO pins with configurable 3.3v / 5v - Often need more than one UART
    • USB C

    Things not needed:

    • Wifi / BT - Many embedded environments are hardwire-only. Keep the WiFi/BT chip optional/detachable
  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin

    Guys, thanks for feedback. We find many inputs are quite useful.
    We may not able to put all the wish lists in, but it gives us different thoughts in product planning.
    We will discuss with the technical team for the feasibility and may come back with more questions.

    You guys are awesome!

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller New Member Posts: 95

    If I could throw one last pie in the sky wishlist item, I know it is not gonna happen, but another Ryzen based SBC (I am aware of the Bolt) would be welcome.

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