[Solved] Intel Cherry Trail drivers setup fails on Windows 10 home - Up Board.

ricotren New Member Posts: 2

Following the instructions from downloads at https://downloads.up-community.org/ for Windows 10 64its drivers for the Up Board, you get the UP-CHT01_Windows_10_driver 20180223 zip that contains 5 group of drivers. The first one is the chipset drivers from Intel.
I have my Up Board with Windows 10 home installed (10.0.18363.535), working very inefficiently with all generic microsoft drivers. If I try to run the Setup of intel drivers it always fails, without installing any of the chipset specific drivers. If, as suggested, I have a look at the setup log, it seems to fail because it doesn't find some expected registry setting or keys.
Has anyone met this issue? Fond a solution?


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