Bios Menu kicks me out

station New Member Posts: 11

When I press F7 at boot and enter bios (using no password or the admin password) I am able to enter the bios menu no problem, but about 15 seconds after being in the menu it basically reboots the system without warning. I tried re-installing the Bios provided on the website, the installation was successful, but didn't change the behavior leaving me with no real way to modify any of the settings in the BIOS....

The only reason I'm in there is to try and trouble shoot an issue with the Vision X not registering.


  • station
    station New Member Posts: 11

    weird, so it turns out that this happens only if I enter from the system setup menu from GRUB boot menu. if I reboot and hit F7 and it manages to get the BIOS menu directly, then it stays in there... almost as if the GRUB selection timeout doesn't stop when that menu item is selected.