SATA Power Connection


Was looking for a pin arrangement in the docs for the SATA power connection just to make sure I wire it properly when I make one.

It is the small 2-pin connector next to the SATA connection on the board, but I could not find it labeled as to which pin is which anywhere.

I am assuming that positive is on the left as looking at the connector and ground on the right, I can verify with a DMM, but it would be nice to have this in the docs as well as a P/N for the type of connector used for the female end to plug into it. I can probably figure that out too, but it would be nice if that was provided somewhere in documentation.

I currently have a NVMe x4 PCIe drive attached to the board, which is recognized and appears to be working even though its a x2 PCIe lane 2280 slot for the NVMe drive. I assume it'll just run slower than it would if it had all x4 lanes.

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