USB 3.0 OTG Port on UP Squared not working - functionality?

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Hi All,

yesterday I did a first test of the UP Squared and a fresh Windows 10 Pro installation.
Now I have a question. How is the functionality of the USB OTG Port?
All ports working fine, except the OTG port, perhaps I don't understand the functionality.
I connected the USB3.0 OTG cable from the Up Shop to the Micro-B Port on the Mainboard.
Should the USB3.0 Port from the cable now work in host mode so I can plug in
any USB device (USB-Stick, peripherals)?
Actually if I connect a device (USB Stick) it isn't recognized and nothing happens.
What should I do with the USB A plug at the cable, do I have to plug it into a USB port
for additional power supply?

Or do I have to make BIOS changes/update or install additional drivers to get it work?
Because I still have one problem, in the device manager in windows one device has
missing drivers, it's a not further described USB Controller.

BIOS Situation:
BIOS Version -> R2.1 -> Is it necessary to upgrade to V4.0 and afterwards V4.6?
Are there big improvements or otherwise known problems with this new bios versions?

Software Situation:
Fresh Windows 10 Pro installation.
After that i had 4 missing drivers for devices in Win 10 device manager:
1. Sound-Device -> BIOS settings changed -> fixed
2. Unknown Device -> manual UART driver installation from UP Win 10 Drivers Pack -> fixed
3. Unknown Device -> manual UART driver installation from UP Win 10 Drivers Pack -> fixed

  1. USB Controller -> no drivers found in UP Win 10 Driver Pack using manual driver selection in Win10 device manager -> not fixed

Are there drivers for the USB Controller somewhere?
Should I additionally install the whole UP Win 10 Driver Pack?
The installed drivers are way more actual as the drivers from the Up Driver Pack,
so I think it's not necessary to install them.

Thank you.


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