Problem With UP AI Core XP4 and Intel OpenVINO "Interactive Face Detection Demo"

cc_mike New Member Posts: 4

When trying to run the "interactive-face-detection" demo from the Intel OpenVINO model zoo and samples, it runs fine with -d CPU or -d GPU but fails trying to run with -d HDDL. This is with the UP AI Core XP4 board installed. Other samples such as demo_squeezenet... do work with -d HDDL.


  • cc_mike
    cc_mike New Member Posts: 4

    NOTE: The error message that I get is "Cannot load library 'C:\TestHDDL\Release\HDDLPlugin.dll': 126 from cwd: C:\TestHDDL\Release

    I checked and the required DLL is in fact in that directory!

  • garyw
    garyw New Member, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 81 admin

    you can trying demo_security_barrier_camera.bat -d HDDL first in demo folder or try to repair the installation of OpenVINO, if HDDL still not getting work, you may need to clean install OpenVINO newer version.