Update Python version on UpSquared 2

OctaM13OctaM13 New Member Posts: 1


I have an UpSquared 2 and I try to convert a Keras model to Tensorflow to IR. The problem is that when I try to run the scripts from UpSquared (the ones that should convert .pb model to IR format) I get this error: "Illegal instruction (core dumped)".
Now I tried to convert the same model using Openvino in google colab, which has Ubuntu 16.04, Python3.6 and tensorflow 1.12.0 and everything worked fine. I also installed Openvino on my Macbook and with Python3.6 and tensorflow 1.12.0 I achieved the same IR format.

My UpSquared 2 came with Python3.5 and tensorflow 1.9.0. My question is: can I upgrade these versions without breaking anything?

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