[SOLVED] Touch event doesn't wake up my touchscreen (ubuntu 18.04)

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installed on my UP fresh ubuntu 18.04 according to the community-wiki article (kernel and upboard-extras), and all working great including my rather new ELO touchscreen connected by HDMI & USB.

My problem is just, that I can wake my screen after sleep only by a keyboard stroke, but not by a touch on the screen. Any hints for me on this?

fyi: the wake-up works with a standard USB mouse without any problem... but not from touchscreen.



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    toko789 New Member Posts: 11

    I could luckily solve this by installing xscreensaver. I did deactivate the standard screensaver in the ubuntu settings and use the Advanced tab of xscreensaver to do the monitor power-management. However, wake-up by touch event now works!
    ... just in case somebody comes across the same issue somewhen