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I have many problems with DIO on UP running Windows 10 32Bit

I run HiSafe and it says that some of my pins are not able to be configured, including the pin that I need - DIO 13.
(This is for Olmatic s.usv.)

The message in HiSafe is: Can't read DIO13 value. Hardware not ready. Please check BIOS setting

I run the Dio project after compile and it cannot initialise application or read any pins.

I require 32Bit Windows 10 so I had to flash BIOS UPC1BM0X in order to access 32Bit otherwise Windows 32Bit would not install.

But i cannot locate DIO pin configuration in BIOS anywhere.
There is a "HAP Configuration" which looks like it may almost be the settings, but I cannot tell.

We use other Aaeon boards here at work and their BIOS does include a DIO section, but not this one.

Please advise correct settings



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