Those D9 connectors on Up-Xtreme


The photo in
shows two D9 connectors
The photo in
has no D9 connectors
both list 2x RS232 as serial port capabilities.

Does the chassis in the (UPX-EDGEI7-A10-1664-F01) have some adapter board included in the chassis?

is the processor board in each (chassis vs non-chassis) the same (assuming the same processor is chosen from the pull-down menu).




  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Hi @BillPoole

    On the bottom side of the boards there are 2 flat connectors for the 2 serial ports that are exposed in the chassis.

    The chassis does not include any extra adapter board, just a cable to bring out the ports from the flat connector to a standard DB9.

    Yes the processor is the same from board with or without chassis (considering your assumption).

  • Beerwatch
    Beerwatch New Member Posts: 2

    @DCleri said:
    The chassis does not include any extra adapter board, just a cable to bring out the ports from the flat connector to a standard DB9.

    Hi @DCleri, my chassis came without anything like that. Neither DB9 nor GPIO. What should I do?

  • joez
    joez New Member Posts: 6

    Hi @DCleri,
    I am one of the backers of the Extreme campaign, first let me state that I am really satisfied with the work you have done and the quality achieved.
    The only issue me and other backers are having is that the chassis came with holes for 2x DB9 serials, 1x rounded serial, 2x Phoenix connectors, but there are no cables / connectors included in the box.
    Phoenix connectors were described as included in the campaign but besides that: are we supposed to keep chassis with holes in them?
    It just does not look good.

    I think that either no holes should have been present or, better, connectors should have been provided, even because we should have a credit for the no-longer-included SSD drive.

    I wrote this to and I got answered that I should buy a UPX system - Edge compute, because "connectors are present by default and there is no need to buy cables". That sounds like a bad joke.
    I think you can (and should) do better than that!
    Pardon my harshness and thanks.

  • Beerwatch
    Beerwatch New Member Posts: 2

    Hi @joez,
    there is also a thread in comments on Kickstarter -
    It seems to be attended by the team.

  • rreignier
    rreignier New Member Posts: 67 ✭✭

    AAEON should sell those DB9 connectors on the up-shop for customer willing to integrate the Up Xtreme in a custom case.

  • sresthag
    sresthag New Member, Administrator Posts: 15 admin

    Dear UP Xtreme Kick Starter Backers,

    We are preparing to sell the cables for the empty ports in the UP Xtreme chassis soon in the UP Shop. Once they are ready, we will ship it out to you so that you can use it with the UP Xtreme chassis that you have received.
    For the SSD drive that was not provided, please check your KS inboxes, we have provided the vouchers that you can use in the UP Shop.

    Thank you,
    UP Team

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