Those D9 connectors on Up-Xtreme

The photo in
shows two D9 connectors
The photo in
has no D9 connectors
both list 2x RS232 as serial port capabilities.

Does the chassis in the (UPX-EDGEI7-A10-1664-F01) have some adapter board included in the chassis?

is the processor board in each (chassis vs non-chassis) the same (assuming the same processor is chosen from the pull-down menu).




  • DCleriDCleri admin Administrator, AAEON Posts: 694 admin

    Hi @BillPoole

    On the bottom side of the boards there are 2 flat connectors for the 2 serial ports that are exposed in the chassis.

    The chassis does not include any extra adapter board, just a cable to bring out the ports from the flat connector to a standard DB9.

    Yes the processor is the same from board with or without chassis (considering your assumption).

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