[SOLVED] I2C on windows 10 32bit

karlhm76 New Member Posts: 17
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Hi all,

Just wondering whether there is a c# i2c implementation somewhere for the aaeon UP.

I need to manage an Olmatic s.usv because unfortunately it isn't supported fully by windows... long story.

Thanks for your help.




  • karlhm76
    karlhm76 New Member Posts: 17

    Thanks. I got the c++ one working.

  •  Connor Early
    Connor Early New Member Posts: 20

    @karlhm76 How did you get the c++ sample working? Also where did you find it? I can't get anything to work with i2c on the Up Board. Thanks!

  • karlhm76
    karlhm76 New Member Posts: 17

    I loaded the c++ project into microsoft visual studio 2012. I think it is for a different version, but it worked for me and was able to build.
    I may have had to play around with it a bit with regards to libraries and some build settings but can't actually remember what I did now.

    the project is on the FTP site:

    /HiSafe/Sample Code/I2C.zip

    There are also some BIOS settings around I2C/DIO that may need to be changed. I'm running an older BIOS version because I require 32Bit windows 10 and it wouldn't install with a 64Bit BIOS version loaded, due to UEFI. The older BIOS doesn't seem to have all the settings which is why I may be having a few small issues with I2C.

    If you can run the latest BIOS then I'm sure I2C will be supported best.

    From what I can tell from my last tests I2C was working and I can send messages but I haven't been able to receive anything yet.

    My purpose is to interface with an olmatic s.usv which is essentially not windows compatible or supported by the manufacturer, but they have been fairly helpful with giving me information. My goal is to design a windows service that will communicate with the device using I2C, but the project I am working on has some more urgent priorities at the moment. I hope to get back onto setting up the IO and power management systems sometime next year. (2020)

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