Hypervisor is not coming up!!

Srinivas New Member Posts: 3

I have a UP Squared board and it contain service OS as Ubuntu and I am trying to load Hypervisor on top of it and I have flowed the below procedure, but still board gets struck

Download the hypervisor code from git hub and followed the instructions from : https://projectacrn.github.io/latest/getting-started/up2.html
done the build and copied the build folders in to USB (FAT32).
insert USB with AAEON(UP Squared) board and power on, keep on press F7 and moved to bios.
Enter password -> boot select device show below options
Ubuntu - MMC
UEFI : Build in EFI Shell
windows boot manger
Enter setup.
I choose 3rd option UEFI Build in EFI Shell

Shell> it shows fs1 as USB device. enter fs1:
fs1> which os my USB and it contain hypervisor image (acrn.efi) and remaining build stuff folder.
fs1> acrn.efi -- if I enter this getting below log and keep on waiting

detected 4 process, 4 enabled
current on process 0
detected 4 process, 1 enabled
current on process 0
NOT Found
Hit any key to exit.

Please let me know , do I am missing any thing here or any issue with configuration?
and also please let me know where should I find hypervisor release binaries for up-squared board.

vt-x is enabled .


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