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Hello, I just install the Aaeon framework (Hi-safe from his website) in order to handle the SPI display.
In the documentation, there is a "sample" folder with SPI, I2C... However, I can't see this sample folder and no other example code.
Where can I find an example for the serial display as well as I2c?



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    Please refer to attached SPI beta package.
    We will implement it into our SDK officially in near future.

    OS: Windows 10 1709 above
    BIOS: UPC1DM15 above
    Set OS IMAGE ID to “Windows 10 IoT Core” in the BIOS boot menu
    Install visual c++ redistributable (Visual Studio 2015) for execute SpiTestTool.exe

    The tool has two modes that we will use, SPI setup and SPI control.

    For SPI setup:
    The “-h” option use to view a list of examples of parameter usage. Type the following command at shell prompt >>SpiTestTool.exe –h
    For SPI control:
    Type “SpiTestTool.exe” into Command Prompt. This command will allow you to run a program from the selected file path.
    Type “help” into Command Prompt, to view a list of SPI commands.


  • aivisionaivision New Member Posts: 12

    thank you for your reply. I will take a look as a starting point.

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