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Hello, I am trying to download the driver files from the download area and sharepoint gives a download error beacuse max download limitation to 200MB and max file download of 20MB.
I can download single folders or files one by one to don't reach the max download size. However, there are files of more than 30MB that can't be download. For example a couple of dll of chipset graphic drivers.
How do you get the drivers then? Any alternative download link?
Thank you.


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 798 admin

    Hi @aivision

    Which driver package are you referring to?

    There shouldn't be such limitation and I just tried again to download UP Board and UP Core Plus windows drivers package without issues.

  • aivisionaivision New Member Posts: 12

    Hi DCleri,

    I refer to "UP Board Windows 10 64-bit drivers". I am downloading other large files as 'W10 core' without issues, because it is downloaded directly.
    However, for the drivers and the other files that uses sharepoint, it seems to be downloaded properly on a zip file. However, a lot of files are missing and error.txt files are created with that errors.
    Did you check the download? Please see, for example, 'Step 1 - Chipset' and check 'Graphics' or other following folders. Or just simply try to execute the setup. I won't work because the download is corrupted for the explained limitations.
    Then I tried to download one by one without success. So, try to download for example 'igd11dxva64.dll' single file from Graphics. It is 32MB and won't download.
    I tried with several devices but same result... Thank you

  • aivisionaivision New Member Posts: 12

    Hi, any update on this issue? Sorry to insist but I am stacked in the development awaiting for the GPIO drivers, and I am pretty sure that it's a general problem for everyone that tries to download the files. Thank you.

  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 798 admin

    I see the problem.

    You don't have to click on the tick box and then donwload. That is a limitation of sharepoint zip manager, but the file is already a zip archive.

    When you are on that page, just click on the download button as highlighted in the attached picture.

  • aivisionaivision New Member Posts: 12

    Really? It downloaded now properly... Thank you for your support!!

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