UP based IP66 box pc with speaker and mic for outdoor application

SMITHAR New Member Posts: 1

We have requirement for below outdoor box pc.
Qty: 100 Units immediate, 500units every quarter.

  1. Simple board with a entry level processor
  2. On board dual speakers (Min 80db - 100db).
  3. On board powerful mic (cover at least 30mtrs - 50mtrs around)
  4. Ubuntu Linux/Windows.
  5. WiFi component.
  6. Power, Ethernet, USB ports.
  7. Very small form factor (10cms x 10cms), can be higher size also.
  8. All these within an IP66 enclosure.
  9. Wall mounting

From India, Bangalore. If any one have solution, pls let us know. Else can suggest a IP66 enclosure (metal or 3D printed) to fit any of UP with speaker and mic.


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