PCIe-attached Myriad X

mono New Member Posts: 2


I know the UP AI Core X has a single onboard PCI-e USB host controller. Is this also true for the AI Core XM 2242, AI Core XM 2280, AI Vision Plus X, and AI Core XP4/XP8?

If so, are you going to release a true PCI-e accelerator now that OpenVINO supports them?

Mono :)


  • Troy Lin
    Troy Lin Guest Posts: 33 ✭✭

    Hi Mono,

    Yes, the design method is the same for all the AI Core modules which includes the PCIe to USB bridge IC that converts signal from PCIe to USB 3.0 for the Myriad X chip.

    As of current OpenVINO 2019 R2 release, Intel told us that OpenVINO still only supports USB driver for the Myriad X and no PCIe driver
    May I know where did you get the information that OpenVINO supports PCIe direct? We did love to see this happening.

    Thank you.


  • mono
    mono New Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for clarifying that Troy, I thought the HDDL plugin was for direct PCIe but clearly that's incorrect.

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