[ANSWERED]Why is there a special Kernel for every OS?

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I was wondering why every OS (Ubuntu 16, 18, Ubilinux) gets a own Kernel by UP.
Why f.e. the Ubuntu 16.04 Kernel doesn't work with Ubuntu 18.04?
I get it, that a special Kernel is needed for the GPIO etc. But why can't one kernel be used for all Distros, like Linux?


  • DCleri
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    It is the same for every distribution, not just UP.

    Ubuntu has a kernel for 16.04 another one for 18.04 as the two distributions use a different build environment.

  • waynepiekarski
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    Is it planned for the UP kernel patches to be upstreamed to the mainline kernel, so that Ubuntu 20.04 will include everything by default?

  • DCleri
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    The upstream process was started but not completed and at the moment we don't have a date for that, it definitely won't make it into Ubuntu 20.04.

    The kernel patches that can be upstreamed will cover all the boards except the original UP Board which requires a special driver that can't be upstreamed unfortunately.