[SOLVED] UP^2 BIOS v4.0 says it requires upgrade to 3.9 but not available in downloads

roddines New Member Posts: 9
edited July 2019 in UP Squared BIOS & FPGA

I am trying to avoid the Intel security issues re https://forum.up-community.org/discussion/2729/response-to-intels-cpu-securities-meltdown-spectre#latest

But unfortunately, the readme for UP^2 BIOS v4.0 says it requires an upgrade to 3.9 but this is not available in the downloads page. https://downloads.up-community.org/
Most recent prior to V4 is V2.1 (and then V1.8)

Also while on this topic is it possible to upgrade either v1.0 or v1.1 boards or are BIOS updates limited to a board version?

Please provide help or advice! Now Sorted (see below)

Thanks, Rod.

PS Now I am creating this I see on the V4 download page that I need to go to V1.8

Do not flash this BIOS version on UP Squared Innovator boards (EVT2).
Upgrade to this BIOS only from BIOS version 1.8. If your board has BIOS 1.3 currently installed, please download and upgrade to BIOS 1.8 first

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