Private Lora network based on an Up squared gateway

rchauvin New Member Posts: 14


I would like to build my own private LoRa network using the Up squared board as the gateway and likely the UP LoRa node (ref. AIOT-ILND02-A10-MURABZ-EU) as end device.

However, I found only pre-assembled LoRa computer on the up-shop while I would prefer a sort of LoRa module kit that I can plugged onto the 40-pins slot or even better on the mPCIe slot. Does anyone can recommend a LoRa HAT module that can be configured for the Up squared?

I found a few interesting solutions such as the RAK833 or the RAK2245 concentrators from RAK wireless. Does anyone have experience with these modules? Are they compatibles with an Up Squared?

As I have very little experience on setting up a LoRa network, any recommendation or tutorial would be very welcomed. I think, a tutorial on how to setup a LoRa network using the up squared would be valuable for the community :)



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