Only 1 NIC on Net+ using Ubuntu


I'm using Linux version 4.15.0-50-generic from my generic Linux-Test-USB-Stick and it only finds 1 NIC.

I'm using an up core plus and the net plus add-on.
I'm also unable to boot from that USB-stick with out
a) enter BIOS in admin mode
b) launch EFI shell from file system
c) launch refind
d) load kernel directly

Any ideas why I only get 1 NIC?


  • GSalzmann
    GSalzmann New Member Posts: 3

    So, found some time to work with the up core plus / net plus.

    It works fine, once I remove all the screws for stacking the two PCBs.

    I wonder how many micro fractures the PCIe lines have, but at last I now can find all 4 nics.

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