[SOLVED] Problem Configuring AI CORE X mini-pcie with OpenVino

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Hi all
I have an AI core X mPcie with 1 Myriad X.

I have installed OpenVino in ubuntu 16.04 system .

In lsub i have "Bus 004 Device 002: ID 03e7:2485 "

When i try some demos samples from OpenVino toolkit (latest release) and MobileNet or Yolo as network , i got the following error

  • using -d MYRIAD option

" E: [xLink] [ 673769] dispatcherEventSend:934 Write failed event -7

E: [xLink] [ 675144] dispatcherEventReceive:347 dispatcherEventReceive() Read failed -4 | event 0x7efdeedaec60 XLINK_WRITE_RESP

E: [xLink] [ 675144] eventReader:233 eventReader stopped
E: [watchdog] [ 675146] sendPingMessage:132 Failed send ping message: X_LINK_ERROR
E: [xLink] [ 675148] XLinkReadDataWithTimeOut:1343 Event data is invalid
E: [ncAPI] [ 675148] ncGraphAllocate:1822 Can't read input tensor descriptors of the graph, rc: X_LINK_ERROR

*** using -d HDDL as device**

" [17:40:52.3660][1710]ERROR[HddlMyriadXDevice.cpp:327] Error: ncGraphAllocate() failed, device=4.1 rc=-6
** Suggestion: This error is probably caused by the graph allocation requires more time than the set timeout (30000 ms)
due to the large graph size 36 MB.
You can try to increase the timeout with following steps:
(1) increasing the "alloc_graph_timeout" value in $HDDL_INSTALL_DIR/hddl_service.config;
(2) kill hddldaemon: [Linux] kill -9 $(pidof hddldaemon); [Windows] kill with Windows Task Manager;
(3) restart your application again.
** OR caused by the graph used doesn't match to firmware running on MyriadX.
In this case, you need to check your network to see whether it's supported by MyriadX. "

Can you help me ? Thank you


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