No HDMI signal, no Serial output / communication

My up board does not show anything through the HDMI port,
I have also attached an FTDI chip and there is no output.

I am powering it through power jack connector with 5V4A. I have already tried resetting the BIOS by removing the RTC battery for some minutes and plugging it pack.

I wonder if there is any hardware test (e.g measure pins voltages on the pin header) which could be done or any way to troubleshoot the issue.



  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    You can try this option to see if you can enter the BIOS:

    Do you have the adapter for the CN7 connector?

    If not the easier way is try a different Monitor/TV and/or HDMI cable.

    If none of the above works, you should apply for RMA to the shop

  • asl07
    asl07 New Member Posts: 3

    Yeah I have tried that already, I see nothing written to the Serial output (sometimes a random byte after a reset, but I would think it's noise instead of something the upboard is writing)
    Also, sending Esc from the serial console doesn't do anything.

    The thing is, we have removed the power jack connector and also the heat sink below the board (we haven't touched the heat sink on top of the processor), in order to make it fit inside our custom case.
    Would this cause any issues with the board? We do it with all of our boards and most of them keep working just fine.

    Can we apply for RMA even after removing this pieces from the board?

    Thanks very much

  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Hi @asl07

    It shouldn't affect the functionality of the board, but have you tested the board before doing the procedure?

    You can also try to power the board from the 5V+GND on the 40pin:

    Unfortunately if you do any hardware modification we cannot process the RMA.

  • asl07
    asl07 New Member Posts: 3

    Yes we tested it, what we did was to perform a ubilinux installation, which was fine, and then we proceeded to remove the power jack and the heat sink below the board.
    Powering it from the 40 pin header does not make any difference.
    I sent you a pm regarding the RMA .
    Thank you