[SOLVED] Intel Wireless Cards are not recognizede by UP2

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Hi !
I am using some Intel Wireless Cards on the up2 m.2 pci-ex port, running ubuntu server 18.04.
I tried three kinds of Intel wireless cards.

1) Intel AC3165ngw
I tried AC3165 many times.
When I tried, UP2 recognize this card every time and there is no problem!!

2) Intel AC8265ngw
UP2 recognize AC8265, but it has a problem.
After we use "reboot command", up2 can't recognize this card...
We have to do "Hardware reset" so that recognize this card again.
Is there a some problem in "Software reset"?

3) Intel AC9260ngw
UP2 don't recognize AC9260...
I tried a lot of methods but the up2 don't recognize this card.

I moved BIOS menu and changed Trusted Computing from Enable to Disable, but their problems about wireless weren't improved.
Is there a problem in initialization of mini pci-ex port?

Thank you :smile:


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