Upboard 3G/WIFI/BT Hat + EG25G + SIM, USB detection failure on HAT hub

Cyanryaku New Member Posts: 4

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and update all packages up-to-date. Then I installed this 3G hat + EG25-G (I also tried EC25-AU), when the system power on without any SIM card inserted, everything is okay. I can use nmcli and mmcli to watch some info.

However, when I inserted any SIM card, the system then cannot detect the modem correctly... and then also bring down the BT and WiFi modules on top of it. The tons of kernel messages alerted for USB bus timeout and then no 3G modem, WiFi, or BT can be seen.

What's going on here? Did I need update some firmware for Ubuntu kernel? I tried on two Up-boards, two-adapter hats, and 4 pcs of LTE modems... gees... cost a lot of money.

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